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Rent a Scooter
Rent a Scooter
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The applicable rental rates are those agreed upon at the signature of the agreement.
Rental fees are payable in advance, and the amount depends on the duration of rental under the agreed conditions. 
In case the vehicle is brought back to the Renter prior to the due date, the total amount paid for the rental remains to the Renter.
The Rentee incurs all fuel expenses. The basic package is calculated on a daily and/or kilometric basis as per the applicable rates. 
It also includes an all-risk third-party liability Insurance for 150 cc and 175 cc vehicles Mileage will be determined from the odometer that was installed on the vehicle by the manufacturer.
If the Rentee wants to keep the vehicle for an extended period, he/she must obtain the Renter’s prior approval and immediately provide upfront payment for the newly agreed rental period.


Price: Bandit 175cc

  • € 20 per day (Rs 800)
  • Delivery charge € 5 (Rs 200)
  • Pick-up charge € 5 (Rs 200)

Excess Fee Rs 10,000 (€250) - chargeable in case of accidents

Price: For Veterano 150cc

  • € 17.5 per day (Rs 700)
  • Delivery charge € 5 (Rs 200)
  • Pick-up charge € 5 (Rs 200)

Excess Fee Rs 10,000 (€250) - chargeable in case of accidents

The Rentee is not insured, even under the optional insurance that he/she may subscribe to in the following cases:

  • The Rentee fails to return the original vehicle keys to the Renter after reporting a theft, and such theft can be imputed to him. In such case, the Rentee will be required to refund the value of the vehicle as estimated by an expert.
  • Damages are identified on the vehicle, resulting from bums, deterioration, overweight overestimation by the driver of the vehicle’s capacity. Damages on the tyres, wheels and wheel covers and related mechanical failures.
  • The driver is drink-driving, as per specifications of applicable traffic regulations or has taken drugs, any illegal substances or any medication without prescription, or with prescription while it is instructed on the medication label that it may cause drowsiness .
  • Damages to the vehicle occur when it has not been returned on the due date — unless an extension has been granted by the Renter — in which case it is considered that the Rentee has acted against the Renter’s will and hijacked the vehicle.
  • The Rentee has intentionally provided the Renter with false information on his/her identity, address and/or driving license expiry date, or false statements on the joint accident report, insurance claim or return description of the vehicle.
  • Any damage or loss, regardless of their nature, of personal items, objects or animals transported on the vehicle (unless the Rentee subscribed to the Transported Goods insurance).
  • The damages were intended by the Rentee.
  • The vehicle is used for paid service or for driving lessons.