Frequently asked questions

Indeed, Bandit Scooter Rental do deliver and Pick-up  around Mauritius, for a minimal fee of €5 each way. 

  • The Scooter for 24 hrs
  • Insurance as per agreed contract
  • 2 helmets & 2 fluorescent jacket
  • 2 pairs of raincoats
  • 2 Hairnet 
  • Petrol should be return at same level when delivered

You should call Bandit Scooters Rental to inform us, and call the Police if possible. If the accident is  minor one, you will find under the seat, a yellow chalk for marking and also a Friendly agreement form to be filled in.  

Yes, you can you will be charge Rs 200 (€5) every hour  including Petrol charges 

First of all we do have a 24/7 breakdown service for your assistance at any time. You should always contact us on +230 5473 9201. 

You should be 21 years old minimum to rent a scooter.

Yes, you can use your own valid driving license in Mauritius for not longer than 4 weeks. If you intend to stay longer than 4 weeks and drive for more than that, we suggest you apply for international Driving license in your country as this procedure may take more than three months here in Mauritius

For any other queries or additional information please contact us via email